Arsenal in the first two rounds of the season

The Premier League has started and two rounds of the most interesting championship in the world are history. In these two rounds we have witnessed quite a lot – Manchester United have shown that with Mourinho in his second season they are a force to be reckoned and their two wins with 4:0 have definitely stunned the other teams. More about these two matches you could find at What’s more the champion Chelsea is likely to have a tough season having in mind the problems with Diego Costa, and Nemanja Matić’s transfer to United. The rookie in the league Huddersfield, however, started the season with two wins unlike any other novice.

Arsenal, on the other hand, is the team that attracts more attention at the moment due to the fact they again show lack of stability and are very unpredictable. You won’t find a serious football analyser who could honestly say Arsenal is a favourite for the title. At the same time no one can calmly bet a few thousand pounds that they won’t fight for it with everything they’ve got. All this was evident in their first two matches – against Leicester taking the three points was an extremely difficult job but they did it, but they lost against Stoke 0:1.

What is worth noting in these two matches?

Firstly, Arsenal makes the same old mistakes which eventually will affect their ranking. Whatever Arsene Wenger tries to do in defence its centre is really vulnerable. The team’s fans are hoping that Koscielny’s returning to the main defence trio with Mustafi and Kolasinac will give the team the so needed strength, but of course only time can tell. Arsenal have allowed four goals in two matches and all four of them were caused by a mistake in the central defence.

In contrast to the defence the attacking players are much more hopeful. In his first three matches with Arsenal (including the one for the Community Shield against Chelsea) Alexander Lacazette showed that he is among the top strikers in Europe. Smashingly effective whenever he shoots towards the goal, no matter how rare it could be, he never misses. He’s proven this against Chelsea, Leicester and Stoke, although against the last team his unquestionable goal was annulled. When we see him next to Sanchez and Özil, Arsenal will pose a real threat to their opponents. A few words about Sanchez who unlike Lacazette shoots from all positions and numerous times. The combination between a player who is effective around the penalty like Lacazette and Sanchez who shoots from everywhere many times will most probably prove to be successful considering the many balls that will reach the French. Not to mention Mesut Özil’s precise passes which will greatly contribute to Arsenal’s attack as well.

What can we say about their next match against Liverpool. As a whole it will be a hard match for Arsenal which happens every time they play against a fast team like Liverpool. On the other hand, Liverpool’s defence is as poor as Arsenal’s which may lead to a lot of scored goals. The latter probably gives a slight advantage for Arsene Wenger’s players which makes me confident in Arsenal’s success in this match.

Should we look further in time and try to predict what the season would be for Arsenal, in my opinion, they won’t be able to top the league but they should try to win the Europa League. This, probably, isn’t in Wenger’s immediate list of priorities but it can be in time. The same happened with Manchester United last season.
If Arsenal succeeds in taking another cup this year in addition to qualifying for the Champions League, this would be a great season for them. It will show that the team is stable.

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A draw between Udinese and Torino

Another round of the Italian Serie A is coming. Two teams, which had bigger ambitions before the season, face each other – Udinese and Torino. And now they are not fighting for anything.

In theory, Udinese is still not saved from a relegation, although this seems unlikely to happen. Therefore we can conclude that every point will be useful for the club. Udinese players are closing a frustrating and disappointing season. And not only that – the star of the team Antonio Di Natale will leave the club after the end of the season. A brilliant career is coming to an end. It is still unknown whether he will end with his football career, or he will look for a new team in which to play football. But one thing is certain – the football in Italy will no longer be the same without Toto.

The team of Torino is in the middle of the table and it have no chance to qualify for Euro club tournaments and is not in danger of relegation. Players will play without stress. The team has a good attack play, but the defense is what holds on the club not to progress in the standings. Andrea Belotti is the star in the attack with 11 goals scored, while Ciro Immobile scored only 5 times and the fans expect a lot more from him.

The odds offered by the bookmakers are giving advantage to a win for Udinese, but my prediction is for a draw match between two equal teams. The coefficients of this happening are between 3.40 and 3.60 in the various bookmakers.
The defense of the two opponents are weak, so my tip is to bet on “both teams to score” in the match. If you want to make such a bet, Sportingbet offers odds 1.80 for this to happen.

The two teams do not play attractive football, so the gamblers could make a bet on under 2.5 goals to be scored in the match, for which the odds in the most bookmakers are 1.80 for this happen.

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Juventus will win easily against Palermo

The team of Juventus is a host of Palermo in a match of the 33th round of the Italian Serie A.

Hardly anyone doubts the victory of the club from Turin. Juventus is a convincing leader in the standings and it seems that they will win another title in Italy. The players are calm and confident, the fans will fulfill to the utmost the stadium and they will expect an easy victory. Another step towards the championship title.

The team of Palermo slipped in the standings and is now in the relegation zone. The club record 11 consecutive games without a win and it is a miracle that there is still a real chance for a survival. The president of the club changed 11 head-coaches in this season and it all shows in what mess Palermo is. The players play without mood, without confidence in their own abilities, and the visit of the champions only portend problems and a loss in Turin. While this loss is expected, Palermo still has a chance to fight Carpi and Frosinone to remain in the top league. For this purpose Ivaylo Chochev and his teammates will have to make marginal effort, secretly hoping for a miracle in Turin, despite being written off by everyone. Yet it seemed more important match for Palermo in the next round when they will be host to Atalanta – a match that must be won at all costs. Fans of the team would forgive a loss from Juventus, but not one of the Atalanta team.

Bet to a win for Juventus seems right even with large amounts of money. The gamblers can benefit by the bookmakers odds. Sportingbet offer odds 1.15 for a home win. You can combine a bet on over 3.5 goals in the match with coefficients over 2.50 for that. Juventus certainly have players who know how to score – Paulo Dybala, Álvaro Morata, Mandzukic and Simone Zaza are strikers who have to prove every game to earn the trust of the coach Massimo Allegri. At the same time the defense of Palermo is one of the weakest in the Calcio and it allows a lot of goals.

My betting prediction is for an easy home win of Juventus and many goals scored.

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There will be no winner in the Inter – Napoli clash

Inter and Napoli meet each other in a match for keeping the “hope”. Napoli hopes to prevail Juventus for the championship of Italy. Inter hopes to replace Roma in the third place in the standings and to get a chance to play in the Champions League. For one of these two teams hope ends with this game. And maybe for both clubs.

Napoli is in a second position in the standings and is playing attractive and offensive football. But do not forget that they are a guests in Milan, where they play unconvincingly. The coach Mancini will choose the traditional Inter tactics – strong defense and quick counterattacks. In fact, this match meet each other the second and the third best defense in the championship. And although Napoli, led by their star Gonzalo Higuain, to have the second best attack in Italy (after AS Roma), Inter will benefit from the advantage of hosting the match.

The chances seem pretty equal, so my tip is to bet on a draw in the match. Both teams have something to lose. For both teams this match is decisive. One wrong step will mean an end to the ambitions of one of the two clubs. And just because of this, there will be no winner in the game. Meanwhile, AS Roma and Juventus teams will wait precisely this, to be able to increase their lead in the standings. It’s no secret that AS Roma hopes to overtake and replace Napoli from second place. So in this game the Turins and the Romans and will be hoping to a win for Inter. Maurizio Sari however, will not give up without a fight and will require from his boys only a victory. Would the experienced Mancini allow it?

The bookmakers offer better odds for a draw in the match as the highest is in Pinnacle sports – 3.44. The gamblers also can bet on “under 2.5 goals” in the match. The odds of this happening are between 1.75 and 1.85 in the various bookmakers. The odds for betting “over 2.5 goals” in the match are estimated at over 2.00 coefficient.

I predict a draw in this match between two of the leading teams in the Italian football championship.

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