There will be no winner in the Inter – Napoli clash

Inter and Napoli meet each other in a match for keeping the “hope”. Napoli hopes to prevail Juventus for the championship of Italy. Inter hopes to replace Roma in the third place in the standings and to get a chance to play in the Champions League. For one of these two teams hope ends with this game. And maybe for both clubs.

Napoli is in a second position in the standings and is playing attractive and offensive football. But do not forget that they are a guests in Milan, where they play unconvincingly. The coach Mancini will choose the traditional Inter tactics – strong defense and quick counterattacks. In fact, this match meet each other the second and the third best defense in the championship. And although Napoli, led by their star Gonzalo Higuain, to have the second best attack in Italy (after AS Roma), Inter will benefit from the advantage of hosting the match.

The chances seem pretty equal, so my tip is to bet on a draw in the match. Both teams have something to lose. For both teams this match is decisive. One wrong step will mean an end to the ambitions of one of the two clubs. And just because of this, there will be no winner in the game. Meanwhile, AS Roma and Juventus teams will wait precisely this, to be able to increase their lead in the standings. It’s no secret that AS Roma hopes to overtake and replace Napoli from second place. So in this game the Turins and the Romans and will be hoping to a win for Inter. Maurizio Sari however, will not give up without a fight and will require from his boys only a victory. Would the experienced Mancini allow it?

The bookmakers offer better odds for a draw in the match as the highest is in Pinnacle sports – 3.44. The gamblers also can bet on “under 2.5 goals” in the match. The odds of this happening are between 1.75 and 1.85 in the various bookmakers. The odds for betting “over 2.5 goals” in the match are estimated at over 2.00 coefficient.

I predict a draw in this match between two of the leading teams in the Italian football championship.